Household Insurance

Your house is more than a house, it's a home! Protect it today with the help of our insurance experts.

It is often said that ‘home is where the heart is.’ This is because for most people, the home is a place for family and the people we care for. It is where we keep our comforts, as well as the things that matter to us. This means that should something go wrong you could lose things that matter to you. 86% of UK homeowners take out a contents insurance policy for this reason. 

Here are N D Toy & Partners, we pride ourselves on helping homeowners protect their families and their assets in a manner that suits them. That’s why we offer a range of products that are tailored to your specific needs & requirements. 

The Right Cover For You

Household insurance can help you cover the value of both the household property itself, whether you’re the owner and resident or landlord, as well as the contents inside the household. The contents can be covered by your own policy regardless of whether you own or rent the property. 

This insurance is designed to cover a range of events that can damage the household, such as flooding, storm damage, and fire, while contents insurance can protect prized possessions, such as expensive electronics and appliances, art, and any other contents in the house.

Most buildings insurance policies won’t cover wear and tear, pest damage, or damage caused by contractors. However, Most will cover most natural disasters. It is also important to consider how much excess would be best for you, and whether you need cover to pay for accommodation should you need to make a claim.

Home Insurance From A Company You Can Trust

Your house is much more than a house, it’s a home, and as a homeowner, or tenant, you need to be certain that the insurance package you choose is the right solution for the immediate and long-term future. We opened our doors back in 1971, and have been helping people like you protect their home and belongings ever since! As such, we have become one of South Wales’s most reputable insurance consultants. N D Toy & Partners has a network of over 30 companies at its disposal, so we can ensure you gain the very best product, at competitive prices. 

If you rent, rather than own a property, sign up for our long term tenants contents insurance cover today! We already support hundred’s of professionals, students & DSS tenants across Wales.

We’ve already helped thousands of homeowners with their home insurance needs, and are perfectly positioned to help you too. Get covered today with the home insurance and peace of mind that comes with that you and your family deserve.

We Specialise In Providing

Buildings Insurance

Cover your property against damage. For example by flooding, storm damage, and fire

Contents Insurance

Whether you’re renting or owning, protect prized possessions and other household contents with our contents insurance.

Holiday & Second Homes

Get premium protection for your holiday or second home that is tailored to you. 

Unoccupied Property Insurance

Secure your unoccupied property and be protected against damage with our tailor made policies.

Whether you live in a one bed Masionette, or a stately home, you are guaranteed an affordable package that is built with your needs in mind when you come to us.

Contact our friendly team of experts today who will walk you through the process of protecting your home start to finish.

Motor Insurance

World-class motor insurance for private vehicles, from moped’s to 4×4’s, we provide the perfect insurance that lets you sit back and enjoy the drive, with total peace of mind.

Travel Insurance

Suitcase? check. Sunglasses? check. A comprehensive insurance policy that protects you and your loved ones whilst on holiday?…

Not to worry! We’re here to make sure you’re protected with our Comprehensive & Fully Tailored Insurance Packages.